Visnjan School of Astronomy

VSA, or Visnjan School of Astronomy, is a summer school of astronomy located in the Visnjan Observatory, near Porec. It's and eight-year-old workshop, and it represents a continuing experiment in an attempt to merge science and the education of young minds without the usual stress and unnecessary authority excercised in other similar schools. Young people are treated like research colleagues in the scientific process. Created in the Visnjan Observatory, VSA represents the result of many years' work of its organizers and founders, first and foremost among them Korado Korlevic, Petar Radovan, and Zoran Ivezic-Passini. Eight years now VSA has been combining scientific work with learning, and throught the years it has been has been in the center of many scientific moments (for example, in 1994 VSA followed the collision of the fragments of Schumaker-Levy 9).

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