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VSA was created eight years ago in Visnjan Observatory, and has since then affirmed itself as a "serious" astronomy school in Croatia. Through the years, VSA has gone through many students. Despite many financial and other problems, VSA survived the first, tough years, and now regularly teaches pupils and students every year.

Since 1989. VSA has been gathering students from all over former Jugoslavia, especially from Petnica, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Split, and Ljubljana. VO's cooperation resulted in an exchange of teachers between Osservatorio Ramanzacco and VO. Also, it has become a tradition to bring teachers from other countries here to give lectures about a wide specter of astronomical topics. At the first VSA's Italian teachers were here often from Osservatorio Ramanzacco and from Asiago. We've also had a few Russian teachers here, especially Prof. Genadij A. Andreev.

The whole idea of VSA was based around building an astronomy school different in its way of work from the other ones. The main goal was to build an atmosphere similar to the ones in the world's big observatories in which students could do some serious scientific work as well as improve their astronomical knowledge. It is very important to acquaint teachers and students. This makes it possible for them to start their scientific career very early. Leaders and students work together in tems in order to reach a common goal.

VSA tries to keep in step with the world's astronomical standards. Thus, where astro photometry took the main place before, now there's CCD astrometry. Also, a great improvement in the quality of the outgoing work was caused by all the computers being connected to the Internet. With new technology, VO has now completely automatized the telescope. Because of this the results achieved at VO are at the same level as the world's largest amateur observatories.

Since the beginning VSA has given special attention to meteors, especially the Perzeids which are at their maximum at the time of VSA. Every year Visnjan sends a lot of information about meteors to the International Meteor Organization. Now VSA has got into the routine of sending this information to IMO, and acclaimed itself as the best astronomy school in Croatia. With the delivery of the telescope with a one meter mirror, new horizons will be opened.

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