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VSA was created in the heart of the Visnjan Observatory, one of the rare public observatories in Croatia. VO has had a hard way up from the start, having been built at a time when interest in astronomy was very low, and being pushed up by its organizers and founders. In the last few years, VO has affirmed itself in the eyes of the astronomers as one of the observatories for observation of small objects in the solar system (meteors, comets and asteroids). Now, after several tens of asteroids have been discovered at VO, there is no doubt that what was started out as a small project of stargazing has grown into a nice success. So, it is now trying to attract more attention to the young enthusiastic minds here in Croatia and in the world, giving them a chance to work in astronomy without fear of being less valued because of their young age.

Visnjan Observatory and VSA are located in the small, picturesque, Istrian medieval town of Visnjan. Situated on the west rim of the Istria peninsulas highlands. Visnjan is near to the city of Porec, a tourist center on the Adriatic sea. The position of Visnjan among the hills of Istria and his 245m altitude whit a low light help a lot the observers. Thanks to that enthusiasm of organizers, team leaders and students, the Visnjan School of Astronomy managed to survive many difficult times, including the war in Croatia and the region. Today, even with the difficult financial situation, VSA readily awaits better times.

Every VSA in the past has done intensive work in several basic fields of astronomical work: meteor observations, photometry of variable stars, computer software, and publishing of some of these works, which has now spread to the Internet. Along with these routine themes there is also a specialized group every once in a while that follows any special event that might be happening. The important thing is that quite a few scientific works have come out of this workshop.

Visnjan School of Astronomy is now accepted very well as a summer school of astronomy here in Croatia and students and lecturers are coming from abroad also. These due the English language is whit the Croatian a official language. The VSA enjoys a good reputation for the continuous and serious work in educational fields, as well as providing an excellent atmosphere for socializing and exchanging experience and knowledge among all who are interested in science and astronomy.

This year as well VSA will divide its work into several sections: meteor observation led by Nikola Biliskov, Slaven Garaj, and Alan Pevec, CCD BVRI photometry of variable stars led by Giovanni Sostero, telescope automatization led by Vanja Brcic, homepage design led by Goran Jeras, and finally work on the Schmidt-Cassegrain camera led by Zeljko Andreic.

Every group will work separately, however, since almost everyone uses the same rooms and equipment, and shares the telescope time (except the meteor and the homepage groups), cooperation will be one of the cornerstones of successful work. After VSA 96 the Observatory plans the VSA 97 in the cooperation vith the lecturers, team liders and students sugestions.

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Last update on 08.10.1996.