This year too the Visnjan School of Astronomy is taking place in Visnjan from 08.08. to 08.18. The main theme this year will be observing the filament of the Perseid meteor shower, especially because the conditions for that were bad (clouds, moonlight) in the previous years. If the weather serves our this time maybe we will finally find out something about the filament this year.

As in the previous years, the VSA participants will arrive from every region of Croatia, as well as from several more or less neighboring countries: prof. Andreev from Russia, prof. Ferluga and Giovanni Sostero from Italy, and prof. Muminovic and his team from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are especially glad because of their return, after several years of forced leave of VSA.

VSA will again during those ten days host some thirty students, lecturers, and guest-astronomers, who together will try to do their jobs, mingle a lot, and learn something together. Those who return will again enjoy the gastronomical pleasures of Visnjan cuisine, known to those who were in VSA before only as the "Kitchen" with the honorary capital letter. The only change from the previous years is the relocation of the lecture hall from the City Hall of Visnjan to the Primary School "Joze Suran" because of the exhibit currently on display in the Visnjan City Hall.

The work will be divided into groups, with the following groups working during the VSA 96:

Listing of participants of VSA 96

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Last update on 08.10.1996.